NGO - We owe something back to society!

Shashwat believes in rights based development of the tribal community with values of freedom, equality, justice, respect & love for mankind. Shashwat's motto is development through empowerment. Our four pillars of development are livelihood, education, health & environment!

NGO - We owe something back to society!
Shashwat manchar trust
Shashwat manchar trust


Shashwat is a grassroots initiative that was developed in response to a range of challenges faced by indigenous and tribal communities in the Pune district of India’s Maharashtra state.

  • The organization helps local communities develop small-scale fishing activities in the dam reservoir and improve agricultural production on the remaining cultivatable land, much of which is on steep slopes.

  • The dam reservoir has been stocked with fish and the local population is supported to obtain fishing leases, boats, and nets. Tribal farmers have been supported to cultivate small paddy terraces on steep slopes in the local catchment area.

  • The organization also supports local farmers with land tenure securitization, through securing official ownership documents. Other Shashwat activities include education and healthcare programs focused on women and children.

An NGO Initiative


Shashwat's motto is development through empowerment.

As an active NGO for more than 35 years, the biggest challenge was to spread awareness and gain trust from genuine donators and volunteers across the globe.

Changing the lives of tribal people is a continuous process and organise 35 years data of the work they have done.

The problem we are facing is huge but your contribution makes a difference.

An NGO Initiative
Octopux stategy
Octopux stategy


Information Architecture

This is typical scenario when the organization want to go live on web but they don’t know where to start. We came up with the roadmap. Roadmap helped us to focus on the small milestones to achieve the ultimate goal. We created the strategy about how should the organization spread awareness through the website after finalizing on the roadmap. Strategy was discussed and finalized by key stakeholders. Finalizing strategy led us to gather all the required content. Information Architect (IA) helped to organize all the content in better manner.

Octopux Solution
Octopux Solution

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The next step was to come up with concepts and ideas. That helped everybody to visualize the final website flow. After lot of discussions and design thinking we freeze the final designs. Further, detailed design helped to gather all the content in such a way the end users want to look. Simplistic and minimalistic design language made site more user friendly.

Technologies we use:

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Mr. Kedar from Octopux Design worked together to help design a beautiful site that met the needs of our NGO and met the aesthetic design requirements and helped us to create a relevant, usable, and productive site.

Suresh Rajwade

Vice President & Managing Trustee

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How you can Support?

Wherever you turn, you can find someone who needs you. Even if it is a little thing, do something for which there is no pay but the privilege of doing it. Volunteer with us in a number of ways. Come and be the change.


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