Healthcare platform for Patients and doctors

A ‘White label’ product for ‘Doctor and Patients’ that helps to gather data around patients’ health issues

Healthcare platform for Patients and doctors
About product


While sketching and prototyping the entire platform, we encountered a lot of usability issues.

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Gathering micro level data of the patients’ health. Helping patients and doctors to provide the data.

Motivating patients to participate as voluntary. Doctors and patients should participate and provide the data with ease of use. They should track their patterns of health updates.

Helping patients to provide their daily routine, medication, health updates with ease of use. Patients should feel motivated to provide the inputs often. Helping doctors to add the data whenever patients visits.

About product


Design approach of this project can be considered in four major steps

research & exploration

Throughout the design process we constantly tested our designs: we conducted user interviews, user and guerilla tests.

user journeys and personas

We crafted different user journeys for our personas so they can find the best solutions for their problems.

sketching & prototyping

In the early phase we tried to discover as many different ideas as possible by simply drawing them on paper as it was the easiest way of visualizing our ideas.

designing solutions & testing

We defined solutions, created prototypes and tested them in many iterations. We had to come up with new ideas which at the end led to a better user experience.



First step of the process was having multiple discussions with stakeholders and healthcare and Pharma SMEs helped to come up with the business goals. Whereas desk research and brainstorming sessions with SMEs helped to understand patients issues, hesitations to provide the personal data. This also helped to finalize design strategy that includes information architect (IA), task analysis, task flows of the patients, screen flows.



Next step was wireframes that helped stakeholders, healthcare and Pharma SMEs, and other key members to have look at the end to end application before it get developed. Multiple design options had been validated with healthcare and Pharma SMEs. These wireframes converted into interactive prototype to get the overall navigational flow and how patients can use the application.

Finally, all the final designs converted into the clean and minimal visual designs considering it’s a white label product.
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