AI Platform that automates processes

AI platform

Convention has it that humans are needed to listen to other humans or read some text or view an image or an image of a document and take action as part of an enterprise process. This no-code AI platform breaks this convention as it forays into the depth of tech to bring you an AI platform that automates processes across functions and verticals.

AI platform
How Octopux helps


Detailed discussions with stakeholders helped us to analyze challenges for:

  • Business:
    - Reduce the support system dependency
    - Client should create ChatBots at their end

  • User:
    - Should create and manage ChatBots with ease of use

  • Design:
    - Helping users to complete and manage tasks without any huddles by providing smooth user experience
    - Convert complex system into minimalist and simplified user journey for novice tech people

How Octopux helps
Why Choose Octopux
Why Choose Octopux


Product was already in the market for quite some time. Our design approach of this project considered in three major steps: Heuristic review, design strategy, and detailed design. Detailed heuristic review helped us to find usability issues of the product and to come up with design recommendations. Whereas brainstorming sessions with SMEs and stakeholders helped to finalize design strategy that includes information architect (IA), task analysis, task flows, screen flows. Interactive wireframes helped to test new navigational flow with actual users. Finally, all the final designs converted into the clean and minimal visual designs.


Design Process


heuristic review

A heuristic review aka expert review is a usability inspection method for digital design that helps to identify usability problems in the application flow. It specifically involves evaluators examining the flow and judging its compliance with recognized usability principles (the "heuristics").


Interation design

Heuristic review helps to draw insights. Insights help for design thinking and design directions. Once we filtered on the various concepts; we focus on the detailed designs. We work on wireframes based on the finalized concept to make sure the basic interactions work well. Then we begin the high-fidelity design.


Visual designs

When we have the major interactions designed, we create visual designs for all the pages. We make sure affordance for all the interaction elements follows usability standards. Final output will be delivered as mockups.


User testing

Testing is absolutely essential for your design to work. We invite 5 users to the environment, ask them to complete certain tasks. We analyze them all later, making note of similarities and patterns. We then come up with recommended changes and make them to the designs. We do user testing as required in multiple stages like concepts, wireframes, visual designs.

Business Growth


Up to 85% reduction in support system. End customers dependency reduced significantly. They started to create, manage, able to change data points based on AI recommendations from platform. This helped empowering the end customers. Platform received multiple international awards and angle funding.


Happy Clients


% REVENUE growth

Business Growth
Trusted by the experts

What our Customer Says

Their design processes and focus on the end-user impressed us. Entire design is satisfied with its bold look and feel. Octopux Designs led a short yet seamless workflow from start to finish. Their ability to understand the client's problem and deliver a quality design stood out.

Animesh Samual

CEO & Co-founder